Mozilla 1.7 launch problem

Michael Ben-Gershon mybg at
Thu Jun 24 21:17:35 UTC 2004

I have just compiled Mozilla 1.7 and find that it may no longer
be launched from the icon in the panel at the bottom of the

I am using Fedora Core 1.

The machine just waits for a while and then the whole thing
just gives up.

I had no such problem with the 1.6 that I built, with the same
configuration settings.

I can start it with no problem at all by typing 'mozilla &' in
an xterm window.

To configure the build I used:

./configure  \
     --prefix=/usr  \
     --enable-optimize='-O2 -march=pentium4' \
     --disable-debug  \
     --enable-pie  \
     --with-default-mozilla-five-home=/usr/lib/mozilla-1.7  \
     --disable-strip-libs  \
     --disable-tests  \
     --enable-xinerama  \
     --enable-nspr-autoconf  \
     --enable-extensions=default,irc  \
     --without-mng  \
     --enable-crypto  \
     --disable-xprint  \
     --without-system-nspr  \
     --with-system-zlib  \
     --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2  \
     --enable-xft  \

gcc -3.4.0

Any ideas?

Michael Ben-Gershon
mybg at

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