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Re: DNS and Postfix

> 1.  I have not been able to understan how to setup the DNS.  For example,
> my Domain Name is   university.edu.co,  my host name is micity so my whole
> the Domain name for my Internet Server would be,  mycity.university.edu.co
>  , right?
> How do I configure that?
> 2.  I'm using Postfix as my MTA,  I'm able to send mail's to my yahoo
> account. but I get this address in th FROM line in Yahoo:  FROM:
> aganeml localhost localdomain
> I'm using Webmin and I sended the eMail from there,  In the FROM line in
> Webmin, it has aganeml www university edu co   I tried deleting manualy
> the www in that address and I got ir right in my Yahoo messege
> (aganeml univeristy edu co).  In the /etc/host I have
> localhost.localdomain www.cecar.edu.co localhost www
> What I'm I doing wrong?  I'm sorry if my questions are to simple, but I¡m
> just getting started, so one again thanks for your patience.
> Abraham

It sounds to me like you haven't even 'looked' at the basic main.cf or the
named.conf files.

The least you could do to recieve a helpful response from us would be to
post a postconf -n or something.



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