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Re: S3 support in FC2

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
At 01:32 PM 6/23/2004, Jim Cornette wrote:

Except for the cow on the trampoline not working on FC2 with an S3 based video chip, I see way more advancements to FC2 compared to earlier RHL or other Linux distros that I've tried out.


I have an IBM Thinkpad T23 (P3/1.2G, 512MB, 40GB, 14" 1400x1050, S3 Savage/IX w/8MB) and it picked up FC2 without even blinking. Pardon the pun. Can you be more specific about your problem, and whether it's a "problem" or if you *know* it won't work?


I believe the card is SIS instead of S3. (630 version.)


or on this cpu board


I was thinking that I was using this board version when trying the screensaver. The error for the screensaver referenced S3. This version has an S3 Trio3D


I also had the screensaver problem with a system running the latest version of vmware, on an XP host. I first thought the problem was exclusive to vmware and vmware tools.

Just a by chance discovery. Regular programs seemed to work alright and display. With this problem, there is no preview available for the inflicted screensaver. Usually you will get error message text in yellowish writing displayed on the screen.


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