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Re: FC2 - No Sound in KDE

On Friday 25 Jun 2004 00:13, Ted Gervais wrote:

> I have sound.  All my mp3's play perfectly. I just don't have sound in
> KDE.  But I used to have sound in KDE before I re-installed the drivers
> and added additional ones .  I guess that is where the problem is at,
> but funny thing - I have sound in gnome but not kde.??
> Must be a way I can turn it on in KDE.  A switch or something, but when
> I go to the sound control areas in KDE, and run the test - I have
> sound.  But no sound for the notification areas..

Hmmm, have you checked out Control Centre > Sound multimedia > system 
notifications, assuming its the system notifications that are not working 
on your system, you can turn on all sounds here..
I take it from your post the "test sound" works in the kde Control Centre.
Can you play any of the sounds from "system notifications" area?


Fedora Core 2, Custom Built Kernel 2.6.7
Registered Linux user number 342953

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