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Re: DNS and Postfix

Grr. Sorry, I pressed the wrong keys there.
Abraham Ganem wrote:
> 1.  I have not been able to understan how to setup the DNS.  For
> example, my Domain Name is   university.edu.co,  my host name is
> micity so my whole the Domain name for my Internet Server would be,
> mycity.university.edu.co  , right?

Is your computer supposed to serve DNS to other computers?

In most universities, there will be a Computer Services department
to look after those computers. (The name is different at different

I'm guessing that you just want a personal computer. In which case,
I'd get the IP addresses of the appropriate DNS servers from the
Computer Services department, run system-network-config, and
plug the details in there.

For a dial-up computer, you'd get those details from your ISP.

> 2.  I'm using Postfix as my MTA,  I'm able to send mail's to my
> yahoo account. but I get this address in th FROM line in Yahoo:
> FROM: aganeml localhost localdomain

Which e-mail program are you using? Often that will specify the "From:"

Otherwise, look at the myhostname and mydomain lines in



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