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Re: DVD Decrypter equavalent for Linux

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 06:07:33PM -0700, Barry Yu wrote:
> There is program named DVD DECRYTER in Win version can rip dvd into an 
> iso file and place it in hard drive, then mount this iso file on a 
> virtue dvd drive so a regular dvd player software can play it. If there 
> is one like this ( enable user to copy dvd disc into hard drive and play 
> it there )  for Linux ?
> Tks for info

	You can just use the libdvdcss stuff and access encrypted
DVD's directly.  Why worry about ripping it to the hard drive?
I watch encrypted DVD's using Ogle with no problem.  They just
can't ship that stuff with the distros due to lawyer type probs.

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