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Re: Fedora needs more evangelism for repositories

James Wilkinson wrote:

Brad Smith came up with a list of reasons why some users might prefer
not to use repositories.

Another one is that they don't work well with sneakernet, in my

This is something that always bothered me with yum (specially). Even on cable , sometimes I have to abort a update because I need to reboot to do something important.. And usually this happens when I'm at 50% download of a big package (usually kernel-sourcecode). Then , the next yum run , I have to restart the download (I know it's only the download of a single package , but for dialup users this is a nightmare. For me , it's just a little delay in the updates , but I still dont like the waste of bandwith caused by the lack of a resume function in yum).
Maybe if yum had a resume feature , it would be more dialup friendly ... And there's also the headers issue (downloading all those headers on dialup probably isnt fun at all).

Pedro Macedo

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