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Re: FC2 Gnome 2.6 + (right-click) Disk Mounter Gone?

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 03:51:58PM +0800, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
> I'm still grumpy. Why must Gnome emulate Windows with the My_computer?

Uhhh... This is not exactly a Windows thing. It reminds me a lot of 
the drives objects in OS/2. That was back before Windows 95 borrowed
it, and it may not have been new with OS/2. The Windows version is, 
in my opinion, a hack because there's stuff in My Computer that 
logically shouldn't be there.
Gnome is trying to do a true object oriented design (what is now
called "spatial"). You should be able to interact with things 
as if they were real objects. It makes more sense to go into your
computer (where the disks live), grab a disk, and mount it. Grabbing 
your desktop and trying to mount a disk from it intuitively doesn't
make sense. 

I'm not saying this is necessarily easier, but from a new user 
perspective, it makes more sense. Ultimately Linux needs to be less
intimidating for new users, and that's what Gnome is trying to do.
Making things acceptable for an experienced user at the same time
is pretty difficult is pretty hard, but I think Gnome does a good
> If anyone knows how to hack this.. let me know..

Can you just set up the drives to automount in /etc/fstab, or do 
you have something you have to mount and unmount a lot? I just mount
once and leave them hooked up. 

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