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Re: PPP not working ? Why ?

perhaps change the /etc/resolv.conf into

(please change ip of name servers to your own name servers)

ppp works ok with me, i only have trubbles when the line gets disconnected
i still have a problem with net unregistering device ppp0 from kernel, but I
seem to be the only one
who has this specific problem

The way to go after a connection is made is:
open a local shell
ping localhost
ping assigned ipnumber
            if ok PPP on ip is ok otherwise check ppp settings: password /
login, firewall etc
ping known DNS server by IP number
            if ok then your dailin is OK, otherwise check ppp settings: mtu
firewall etc etc
ping known DNS server by name
            if not ok you've got a DNS problem
ping another host by name
            if not ok change DNS server

At each step a new variable is introduced thus reducing the errors

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From: "Botoaca Andrei" <warlock_ba hotmail com>
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Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 8:54 AM
Subject: PPP not working ? Why ?

> Ok, what i did, since there was no driver for my modem under kernel 2.6
> ... (Fedora Core 2). I cooked myself a rpm called kernel-old and nou I
> to kernels 2.6.x and 2.4.22. Everything works ok, single problem is, that
> upon dialing up my internet provider, i conect, get ip assigned, get dns
> everything ok ... but the internet does not work ... if i ping myself OK,
> i ping the Remote machine, OK, everything else does not work. (It looks
> i have no DNS Server...). And that is only when i boot the 2.4.22 kernel
> the 2.6.x i don't know since i can't make the modem work).
> Any ideea why ? Does the kernel have a relation with the PPP dial-up
> ?
> Thanks
> Andrei
> PS: I'm running KDE and using KPPP to connect ...
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