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[OT?] Project-oriented logbook program?

Hi all,

this might be OT, but as far as I can see, quite a few people here on
the list work in a production environment, so maybe someone has an idea:

At work, we do a lot of things in "projects", mainly evaluations and
stuff like that. As a result, quite a bunch of notes, drawings, reports,
etc. is generated during such a project. What I'm after is some way to
do this online, so it's archived properly and easily searchable. My
first thought was some kind of web application, as that can be used on
any machine that has a browser (the back-end server will be running
Linux... :-) ).

Ideally, one should be able to log on (though explicit user
administration is not really necessary - it's more important that one
can see who added what), the choose a project and easily add files of
different types (with description) and simple texts. It's vital that
several people can work on the same project at the same time.
Also, one should be able to easily browse what's there and of course to
search the whole thing.
The system should be easy to set up and to maintain, preferably Open

Sounds easy enough, I thought, but after quite some time on Google and
Freshmeat, I'm not really that much further - maybe something basesd on
a blog program or a gallery program?
Hence, this try. So, if anybody has suggestions, I'd very much appreciate
to hear them. Thanks!


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