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Re: Strange characters when displaying manpages

Edwin Dicker wrote:
> I have some strange characters in my manpages.
> with FC1 I had to edit /etc/sysconfig/i18n and remove .UTF-8 from the
> LANG variable.
> I learned that this doesnt work anymore within FC2
> what do I need to edit to get my manpages display fine again ?
> example :
> HOSTNAME(1)                Linux Programmerâs Manual               HOSTNAME(1)
It looks like you're using a Microsoft mail client. How did you copy
and paste that manpage? Are you using a Windows telnet or ssh client?

If not, which terminal *are* you using? Does this persist between
gonme-terminal, xterm, and the Linux console (press CTRL-Alt-F1 to
log in).

Can you post the output of echo $LANG and echo $TERM, letting us know
which terminal you are using?



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