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Re: CD problems

Jeff Vian wrote:
A friend of mine made a mistake creating two CDs and asked if I can help. Maybe someone on this list has some ideas.

He made 2 CDs but somehow did not close out the session when he completed. Now he cannot access the data on the disk. Yes, I can see that the disk was written, and that the closing tracks were not written.

When I insert the CD in my burner it tells me the disk is empty.
I can use either xcdroast or k3b but neither is able to see the contents. AFAICT the disk was not written as a multi-session, but I am not sure of that.

What I want to do is be able to close out the session and hopefully access the data which is very important. (tax records, etc)

Trying to use dd to get the data from the cd does not work. It creates an empty file.

Any useful ideas????

cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 -fix

Don't know if that fixes your problem, it helped me awhile ago having
the same problem. Replace dev=0,0,0 if needed (cdrecord -scanbus)



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