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Re: K3b install

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 04:44, Laurence Whited wrote:
> In attempting to install k3b on Fedora core-1 that has been updated to
> the latest by Up2Date I get a message regarding missing:
> Flac
> Id31.b
> libeFLAC++.so.2
> libFL:AC.so.4
> libid3-3.8.so.3
> libmad
> libmad.so.0
> What is it that I need to install so that I can install
> k3b-0.11.10-1xcb.fc1.i386.  One final newbie question.  I am running a
> PIII 600 on an Asus P2B-S board. Can I use the i686 instead?  Iâm not
> sure about the correct program usage vs. Pentium type.
	This is RPM telling you that in order to install K3B, you need to have
installed those other files too.  You have (at least) two choices:

1) go to Freshrpms, RPMFind, or even Google to find and download the
latest RPMs, put them all into some directory and from a terminal type
RPM -Uvh /where/you/put/files/*


2) open a terminal, become root (su -, enter password) type 'yum install
k3b' (no quotes, of course)

There are many other ways as you'll no doubt discover in time, but these
are the easiest so far.  Note that unless you have broadband, method 2
might take several minutes.


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