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DNS and Postfix

I need help with the following issues:

1.  I have not been able to understand how to setup
the DNS.  For example, my Domain Name is  
university.edu.co,  my host name is micity so my whole
the Domain name for my Internet Server would be, 
mycity.university.edu.co  , right?

How do I configure that?  

2.  I'm using Postfix as my MTA,  I'm able to send
mail's to my yahoo account. but I get this address in
th FROM line in Yahoo:  FROM:
aganeml localhost localdomain

I'm using Webmin and I sended the eMail from there, 
In the FROM line in Webmin, it has
aganeml www university edu co   I tried deleting
manualy the www in that address and I got ir right in
my Yahoo messege (aganeml univeristy edu co).  In the
/etc/host I have localhost.localdomain www.cecar.edu.co
localhost www

What I'm I doing wrong?  I'm sorry if my questions are
to simple, but I¡m just getting started, so one again
thanks for your patience.



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