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RE: Setting up relaying in Sendmail

Mark Haney wrote:
> I am trying to get sendmail setup to sendmail (obviously), but I
> can't get it to send any mail, it says 'relaying denied'.  I was
> looking on the sendmail website for FAQ's on this and all I got was a
> file named relay-domains, but I can't find that file.  Is that a file
> that I can manually create?  Or is there another way to specify what
> domains and IP addresses can relay mail through it?
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If I understand your post correctly, you simply want to add your private LAN
address to /etc/mail/access. This would allow hosts on your private subnet
to use your MTA to send e-mail. Something like the following should work.
Adjust to meet your LAN address.       RELAY

Then type "make" in the /etc/mail directory to rebuild the access database.

Steve Cowles

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