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Re: FC2 and FrontPage extensions.

Am Fr, den 25.06.2004 schrieb Franco um 18:21:

> Hi, i have tested the extension on RH9.0 and the only
> mode to do work is to assign a root permission to
> all frontpage script. So work fine but i don't know
> the risks to do this.

root permission are what? chown root:root? Which chmod permissions?

> I think that so will work also on FC1 and FC2 but is this
> dengerous?

Do you have your Apache running as root? Why are root permissions -
whatever that means for you - needed? If you mean that scripts
controlled by the Apache are running as root, then it is surely a bad
thing and a high risk. Something like that is a fair reason not to use
Frontpage Extensions. Use WebDAV instead.

> Best regards.


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