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X freeze with kernels 2.6.6-X

I have a big problem.

All was OK with previous releases (RH, FC1), and also witj FC2 with kernels 2.6.5-X.

The problems started with the first 2.6.6 upgrade. At the beginning, I supposed it was a bug of the first 2.6.6, but after there came upgrades to the kernel and the problems continued.

If I start at level 5 (X) or at level 3 and then start X manually, the system freezes after a while. Only phisical reset is possible. There is a problem also with audio, infact befor freezing, every gnome audio event plays 3/4 times instead than once (!)

My graphic card is an ATI 9600 (i tried also the simple "vesa" driver in x config, but things didn't change), audio in integrated VIA Technologies|VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller, with driver snd-via82xx.

No particular custom configuration, all fedora drivers, fresh install (not upgrade) from FC1.

If i boot back with kernel-2.6.5, all works well.

Should I file a bug? Anyone in a situation like this?

Thank you
Saluti - Marco Coli

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