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Re: updates ?? a red exclamatory icon !!!!!

James Lawrence wrote:
Kent Emia wrote:

checking for updates ...

launch up2date ... but its saying that my system is updated and i don't
need any updates ...

but my question is .. how come it went red ??

to to the terminal, switch to root and type this........ yum update

I think the above solution assumes the original poster has a good working /etc/yum.conf, which may be the case, but if not, then a sample one is available at this url:


But back to the OP's question: as another respondant said, the situation is related to the mirrors not being in synch just yet. This is a good time for a bit of patience, as it may take a while for them to get in synch. So, the OP may want to go have some lunch, mow the grass, or pay some bills, and launch the up2date application later on today. The mirrors will have the updates by then, and up2date will take care of business!

Hope this helps,

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