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Re: X freeze with kernels 2.6.6-X

Hi Marco,

I have installed the FC2 on my Toshiba laptop (a Satellite A10) with any problem.
Then, with the "Up2date" function I did upgrade to the last kernel (2.6.6.) and
to all the upgrade available, and I didn't have any problem at all.

I have also solved the problem with the mp3 issue with the suggestions from the
"Linux Pro" Italian magazine, so that I'm now able to perfectly hear my mp3 files
with the "Music Player" and with the winamp-clone as well.

Hoping to have been of some help....
Walter (from Italy)


On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 19:08 , Marco Coli <marco coli hi-cad it> sent:

>I have a big problem.
>All was OK with previous releases (RH, FC1), and also witj FC2 with 
>kernels 2.6.5-X.
>The problems started with the first 2.6.6 upgrade. At the beginning, I 
>supposed it was a bug of the first 2.6.6, but after there came upgrades 
>to the kernel and the problems continued.
>If I start at level 5 (X) or at level 3 and then start X manually, the 
>system freezes after a while. Only phisical reset is possible. There is 
>a problem also with audio, infact befor freezing, every gnome audio 
>event plays 3/4 times instead than once (!)
>My graphic card is an ATI 9600 (i tried also the simple "vesa" driver in 
>x config, but things didn't change), audio in integrated VIA 
>Technologies|VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller, with driver 
>No particular custom configuration, all fedora drivers, fresh install 
>(not upgrade) from FC1.
>If i boot back with kernel-2.6.5, all works well.
>Should I file a bug? Anyone in a situation like this?
>Thank you
>Saluti - Marco Coli
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