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Re: Another sendmail relaying problem.

Sorry, i speach very bad english,
i'm already installed spamassassin with clamav antivirus and
all work fine i want block the e-mail sent through my smtp
with mail from as one of my local user.

Scot L. Harris ha scritto:

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 13:22, Franco wrote:

Hi, i say that someone is able to bounce a message through my
server to local user, it can use the server smtp to delivery
to local user but the mail from must be any local user.

Example: on my server i have 20 local users, one of this
is pippo ppppp com, someone send e-mail through my server using
my server smtp and in the from address of e-mail put pippo ppppp com
it send the e-mail without problem.
So all who want do spamming on my local user can do this.
How can stop it?

Ah!  If you want to stop spam that is a different problem.  What you
describe is exactly how it is suppose to work.  If you blocked delivery
to your local users then email would not be of any use to them.

But if you want to block spam then you need to install something like
spamassassin on your box.  I believe FC2 ships with version 2.63 which
is the latest.  You will need to spend time deciding how you want to
configure spamassassin for your server and if you want to handle it site
wide or let the users handle it at their level.  There are several ways
to configure it depending on how you decide to do this.

Check out the spamassassin web site and their documentation.  There is a
good day or so of reading and planning you will need to do to set this

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