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RE: Another sendmail relaying problem.

Franco wrote:
> Sorry, i speach very bad english,
> i'm already installed spamassassin with clamav antivirus and
> all work fine i want block the e-mail sent through my smtp
> with mail from as one of my local user.

I think I understand what Franco is asking. He wants to stop an external
sender (spammer) from setting their From: address to appear like its coming
from his domain space and then having his MTA accept this e-mail for local


BTW: By default, sendmail should NOT be relaying (as in open relay) to
anyone outside your domain space when someone sets their "From:" address to
be the same as your domain space. It should accept the e-mail for local
delivery only, unless overridden. Unfortunately, I don't remember how to
implement what your asking using sendmail. It's a piece of cake in postfix
though. Sorry!

Steve Cowles

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