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Re: [OT] Reverse DNS

Am Fr, den 25.06.2004 schrieb Mark Haney um 22:05:

> I'm having a discussion with my boss over reverse DNS and I want to know  
> if my logic is correct.  Who exactly resolves the reverse DNS queries?  I  
> say it's the name server that serves up the regular DNS, but my boss  
> insists it is our ISP which isn't our primary DNS provider.  Is there any  
> DNS FAQ's that explain this.  I thought I knew how this worked, but now  
> I'm confused.

> Mark Haney

Without knowing your specific situation we can't decide. The general
answer must be: the DNS who is authoritative for the IP. Who is
responsible / autoritative is stored at the RIPE. And as Luciano posted,
the responsibility can be delegated.

On the other hand, if you run a DNS in your LAN with your own private
domain, then of course your DNS reverse resolve the IPs, as long as you
configured not only a forward zone but a corresponding reverse zone too.


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