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Problems with kickstart


I am trying to autoinstall Fedore Core 2 via a local ftp mirror and a
kickstart file. I used the wizard to create one for me and then use
the bootnet.iso to startup the machine and type in:

linux ks=http://www.myserver.com/ks.cfg

It grabs a DHCP address, grabs the kickstart file, downloads the base
image, but then it goes into interactive mode when it comes to the
partitioning even though I choose delete all partitions and auto
partition in the kickstart file.  So if I do all the partioning
choices manually, it starts using the kickstart file again until it
gets to the selecting packages section and then spits out the error:

You specified the group KDE Desktop Environment.  That group does not
exist.  Continue........

It does the same with Gnome Desktop Environment.  This is a wierd
problem because it is using the kickstart file for only part of the
install then dies even though the wizard wrote the file to tell it to
install @ KDE Desktop Environment.

Any ideas what is going on here?  Bizarre problem.  I have attached my
kickstart file.  Thanks.

Matt Krause
krausem gmail com

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