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Re: Fedora - The Next Generation

On Sat, 26 Jun 2004, Roland Venter wrote:

Hi Folks,

I would like to hear your feelings on a couple of issues:

To start off I've been using FC1 on serveral servers since it's initial
release and have had little or no problems, only rebooting for kernel
upgrades, etc.  Before a flame war starts, I agree that for critical
production servers you should be running RHEL.  My problem is this:

Several customers are SOHO with less than 15 users and simply cannot justify
the cost of RHEL or they might as well be running MS SBS, (Some of them
actually believe the MS propaganda!)

From this problem description - it appears you want a RHEL clone:


I've been playing round with a couple of ideas: Create a single CD Fedora installation with only core apps required for business use, eg. postfix, squid, samba etc Better inital setup, like a wizard after the install to add domain entries to automatically configure postfix, samba and the likes, so after the initial reboot you'll have a fully functional server. Aditional testing of updates, maybe a separate yum mirror, so nightly updates install only critical updates.

there were some discussions in fedora-devel-list about having fedora support various installation modes - which could include some of the minimal installs for specific purposes like this. Don't know what decisions were made there.


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