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Re: bugzilla FC rpm

--On Friday, June 25, 2004 1:45 PM -0400 Craig Thomas <cjtinhp optonline net> wrote:

I've searched several mirrors, google and the list archives for an FC
released bugzilla.rpm but have not had any luck.  Am I missing something
or is it not included in the [either] release? I would have thought I'd
find it along with other dev tools such as cvs and svn.

I've also searched several 3rd party repos with no luck, as I was hoping
I could use yum or apt to install and not have to solve all the
dependencies myself.  Does such a beast exists?

I've not found one, but it seems not likely to be practical with the current version (2.16), due to the degree of customization that must be done. The development version wants MySQL-4, which isn't in any distros and only available from the MySQL site.

Your best bet is to write your own spec file to wrap the stock tarball within your own packaging policy. Doing so would illuminate why this is a non-trivial task.

You might also want to enter a bugzilla against bugzilla at the bugzilla site with an RFE for a spec file.

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