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Re: DVD Decrypter equavalent for Linux

Greg Wildman wrote:
Barry Yu said the following on 25/06/2004 03:07:

There is program named DVD DECRYTER in Win version can rip dvd into an iso file and place it in hard drive, then mount this iso file on a virtue dvd drive so a regular dvd player software can play it. If there is one like this ( enable user to copy dvd disc into hard drive and play it there ) for Linux ?
Tks for info

I use "DVD Ripper & Encoder" to copy my DVD's to disk. I usually create a 1.2GB rip which gives me good quality.

Get the perl-Video-DVDRip package from freshrpms.net


I hate to sound dumb & lazy but did you happen to sketch a rough road map for navigating Dependency Hell enroute to installing that package? I've tried both FC-1 and FC-2 and felt like I was battling the Hydra.


You'll wish that you had done some of the hard things when they were easier to do.

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