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Re: Network traffic can come in, but can not leave local network?

On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 04:43, Ubence Quevedo wrote:
> I just recently replaced a network card in my system that is running
> FC2.  The new network card is a Intel PRO/100+.  After some gyrations,
> I was able to get my local systems to see the computer again on the
> network.  However, I can not get outside of my local network on this
> box.  I can get in from outside my network via an SSH session and also
> through a HTTP web site on this box, I just canât get out.  Any ideas?
> I check all the usual files [at least the ones I know of], and
> everything looks oK.  Any help or suggestions would be much
> appreciated...
> -Ubence

hmmm, normally I would say check your default gateway and subnet mask. 
But your description is odd in that it sounds like you can connect from
out side your LAN but can initiate the connection from the box.

Would be helpful to see the output from the following commands:

netstat -rn                             

(this will show us the routing table on your machine)

ifconfig -a

(this will show us the configuration on the network interface)

traceroute xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx     

(replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with IP address of device out side your
network.  This will tell us things about the devices between you and the
outside network)

Also a brief description of the type of gateway/firewall you have would

And do you have any special iptables rules?  Possibly something that is
blocking outgoing traffic but allowing incoming?

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

Neil Armstrong tripped. 

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