Problems with kickstart

Brentley brently at
Sat Jun 26 18:26:08 UTC 2004

\> It grabs a DHCP address, grabs the kickstart file, downloads the base
> image, but then it goes into interactive mode when it comes to the
> partitioning even though I choose delete all partitions and auto
> partition in the kickstart file.  So if I do all the partioning
> choices manually, it starts using the kickstart file again until it
> gets to the selecting packages section and then spits out the error:
You specified to clear all the partitions, but nowhere in the
kickstart file do you create any new partitions to use.  Don't forget
to do that in system-config-kickstart.
> You specified the group KDE Desktop Environment.  That group does not
> exist.  Continue........
> It does the same with Gnome Desktop Environment.  
GNOME should be capitalized in the kickstart file.  
@ GNOME Desktop Environment
@ gnome-desktop

That said, your KDE directive looks okay.
No idea what's going on here.  Perhaps an altered comps.xml, but
surely if you had messed with that file, you'd remember.

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