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Re: Kernel 2.6.7 modules vs FC2 kernel module file size differences

Am Sa, den 26.06.2004 schrieb Sanjeev Das um 20:31:

[ reordered due to top-posting ]

> >> This causes my modules directory to be a whopping 300MB in size. using
> >> redhat's supplied config file still gives me that. What's happening?
> > 
> > Dave Jones explained that here recently: your custom compiled modules contain debug code
> > while the modules of the default Fedora kernel are stripped.

> Is there a way to custom compile without the debug code?

Please don't top-post! And strip your quotes!

Yes, when configuring your kernel setup by editing the .config disable debug.

Dave Jones @redhat.com:

"The ones from the rpm have their debug info stripped and put into the aptly named 'debuginfo' rpm.
When you compile it yourself, it leaves this info in the file.

If you don't care about it you can unset CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO and it won't
generate it.


From thread: Size problem compiling kernel modules; 2004/07/06

You could have researched that yourself. Next time please.


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