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Re: CD music file formats

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 19:45:15 -0500
Bob Hartung <rwhart mchsi com> wrote:

> I want to rip some very old CDs 
> and then rerecord the songs onto CDs that will play in an "ancient" cd
> player.  This player is able to play the original CDs, I just want to 
> cut out the crap that I always have to skip over.  

I've found that some older CD players will not recognize dye-based CDs
at all; only original pressed CDs will work.  Test your player before
you invest too much time in this project.

> So far I see lots
> of references to MP3 encoding using Grip and Lame.  Also references to
> Ogg Orbis (sp?) and WAV formats.  However, I see no references to the 
> original CD format.  Do I just rip them to a "raw" file format ,
> collect the raw files into an iso and then burn the iso to CD with
> cdrecord  dev=0,0,0 [filename}?

I usually use "cdparanoia -B" to rip the audio from a CD into .wav files
that can be burned using cdrecord.


-John (john os2 dhs org)

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