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XFCE on FC2 Problems

Hello List
I installed the following packages from the FC2 CD set
libxfce4util, libxfce4mcs, libxfcegui4,
xfce-mcs-manager, xfce-panel, xfce-utils, xfdesktop,
xferstats, xfwm4, xffm-4, xfsprogs, and dbh .

Followed the instructions given at fedoranews.org by
Diego Figuera as follows :
1. Created the file xfce.desktop under                
    /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/xfce.desktop similar to

2. Created the file XFCE under /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions
   #! /bin/bash
    exec /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession XFCE4
3. Logout from GNOME  
4. Chose XFCE4 from the gdm menu
It gives error that "Your session is just 10 seconds
old.It might be wrong installation ".The usual message
to make the one selected as "default" does not come.
5.When I execute "startxfce4 -- :1"  from the console
it gived the error " no xfce4-session, no xfce4-panel
in /usr/local/bin or sbin.xfce-mcs-manager lost its'
connection "
Please enlighten about possible solutions.

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