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Re: connect FC2 to winXP

hicham wrote:
ok , now I have my network card on FC2 activated with a private ip address and a subnet
mask on the first PC
and the second Pc on winxp same thing ( )
samba server running on FC2 ping from each pc to the other I get unreachable

check that both network cards actually have a light when you've connected the crossover cable. if they don't, you might be using a straight-through cable.

and if they both light up... what is the exact configuration? what subnet mask did you give?


I mean two pc's connected thru their network cards
only no hub or routers

Works perfectly on a network that contains ONLY
those 2 machines. The cable used here is the key, and it must be what is
called a crossover cable.

You can connect 2 machines and eliminate the
normally used switch/hub. The drawback is you cannot connect anything else in
the same network link.

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