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Re: localhost hostname problem

Am So, den 27.06.2004 schrieb Paul um 6:26:

> Got it to work! :) :) :)
> localhost.localdomain was already in the host name box, so retyped it thinking it needed
> verification.  No good.  But as soon as I entered local.localhost.localdomain, it worked like
> a charm. :)  (I want to learn networking and ultimately set my machine as a server, but one
> step at a time..........)
> Many thanks!
> Paul

I now works not because it needed verification, but because
local.localhost.localdomain is not the same as localhost. So you could
have chosen a nicer hostname for your computer. As long as you give your
host a name different from localhost / localhost.localdomain this name
will not be overridden by the DHCP functions. Easy to explain, because
localhost is no valid hostname inside a network, because every host is


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