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Re: Sendmail queuing first mails

Hi Alexander,

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 22:10, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Indicates me - from the notification by Sendmail saying that the sender
> was set using -f parameter - that you are using Evolution configured
> with using Sendmail in the send email options. I would suggest you use
> SMTP. Using "Sendmail mode" explains why you mails are queued and not
> delivered immediately. The standard queue time is 1 hour. So not
> restarting Sendmail but waiting 1 hour will also lead to the "effect"
> that the queued mail is delivered.

I switched to SMTP and this is looking good now. I will have to check
what happens just after a reboot.
By the way, sometimes, my messages were queued much more that 1h (
almost half day as I flushed the queue when I noticed that)

> That is no problem but caused by your usage of Sendmail. Instead of
> switching the config of Evolution you could as an alternate change the
> queue time. To do so edit /etc/sysconfig/sendmail and change
> "QUEUE=1h" to something like "QUEUE=5m" for instance. That will cause
> the queue runner process not to try to empty the queue every 60 minutes
> but every 5 minutes. After that change you need to run "service sendmail
> restart" to activate the change.

I keep this in mind, but I am now giving a try to SMTP.

> Regards to Chiangmai :) Was there 3 years ago. Was a nice time there,
> lovely night market.

Well, if you come back, we will share a drink ;-)

Thanks a lot for your kind and quick answer, perfect for my level of
knowledge about mails issues .



PS : mail sent via SMTP
Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand(e)

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