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Re: screen blanking

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 11:10:01AM +0200, Christoph Kühn wrote:
> Simon schrieb:
> >Ive installed fedora core 2 onto my gateway solo 2500 laptop. Every 10 
> >minutes, or around 10 minutes the screen blanks, although doesnt appear 
> >to power down. Im running xfce but I cant seem to find any program which 
> >would let me disable this screen blanking. The screen needs to be able 
> >to stay on even when the system is idle. How can I disable this?
> >
> Check /etc/X11/xorg.conf for "DPMS"-Option in Monitor-Section. Make use 
> of options "BlankTime", "SuspendTime", "StandbyTime" and "OffTime" to 
> optimize this behavior.
> Check Man-Pages for more detailed informations:
> #> man xorg.conf

Yes also check the BIOS power saving settings and options.

Be consistent with the various power management options.  Things
like Advanced Power Management (APM), Advanced Configuration and Power
Interface (ACPI) and Display Power Management System (DPMS).

It is possibly silly to set ACPI on in the BIOS and then have 
a grub boot line that has flags like acpi=off or noapic.

ACPI is the new thing and way cool when it works.
   (this is what most laptops are just now getting right and
    is the service that triggers when the lid is closed or
    adjusts screen brightness, etc... ).

APM is the classic service.

DPMS is the display specific part and if I understand it can avail itself
  of one of the two above BIOS services or use other tricks.

In xorg.conf look for the monitor section and the dpms option.

    Section "Monitor"
	    Identifier   "Monitor0"
	    Option      "dpms"

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