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using A4 paper


I'm having trouble with pstops and it's insistence of formatting things for
US Letter paper (Open Office seems a bit hung up on US Letter too).

I've set everything I can find to A4, this includes in the printer config
driver options and in Open Office Page setup and printer setup.

I've got some tex output that's A4 and when I pass it through through pstops
it still claims to be A4 and looks fine but when I print it, it gets printed
as if it was US Letter (so I get the top chooped off and a big blank space
at the bottom).

To ensure the problem isn't my tex skill, I did up a simple page in OO. When
I print a page out from OO and looks at it in ghostview, it tells me that
it's Letter and the top is chopped off. If I change to A4, I can see the
whole page as it should be. If I then pass this into pstops with

pstops -pa4 "2:0L  7(21cm,0)+1L  7(21cm,14.85cm)" in.ps out.ps

I get 2 side by side pages on a Letter page and again the top is missing (in
this case the top is the right hand side of the second page), however if I
tell ghostview that it's A4 I can see the chopped off part again.

When I finally print with

lpr -o media=a4 out.ps

it comes out with the top chopped off.

Is there some way to convince everything to use A4 instead of US Letter?

This is Fedora Core 1 by the way but I've installed psutils from FC2 and it
makes no difference.

Any help would be appreciated as I've wasted hours on this this weekend,


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