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Re: Fedora book

Michael Sullivan wrote:
Can anyone recommend to me a Fedora Core or otherwise applicable linux
book or book series that would explain from beginner to advanced level
how to work with server stuff like sendmail, mailman and such. I find
the documentation to be very confusing and I have a short attention span
anyway. I am disabled, so my network is the only thing I have to offer
as an improvement to the world around me, and I'm not even that good at

-Michael Sullivan-

Hi Michael,

I still rely on the excellent O'Reilly's "Linux in a Nutshell"... and
although it has no "tutorials" or in-depth explanations of the Linux OS,
it is an amazing reference book to have as you can look up just about
any Linux command and find what it does and the proper syntax for
getting the results you want.


fedora core 2|kernel 2.6.6-1.427
amd 2500+|asus a7n8x-x|msi fx5200

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