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Re: pilot usb settings

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 16:00:40 -0400, Norman LeCouvie <lecouvie sun com> wrote:
> I cannot get gnome-pilot to see my usb palm pilot. when this happened a
> few months about with another linux distro, someone send me a command to
> redirect the usb ports or something,
> chmod "something something something"

(as root): chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB* 

chmod CHanges the MODe of the file (or files).  The mode denotes the
access permissions that apply to the file.  "6" is the octal
equivalent of 110 binary, which, when applied against the pattern
"rwx", means "r" (read) and "w" (write) are enabled (set to one) and
"x" (executable) is disabled (set to 0).  The first octal digit is for
the file's owner's permissions, the second for members of the file's
group, and the third for others.  A permission string of 666 gives
read and write permission to everyone.

On a multi-user system, you typically wouldn't do that, but on a
single-user desktop its a pretty safe bet that no one will be trying
to use the USB ports concurrently.

Ben Steeves
            ben steeves gmail com
            GPG ID: 0xB3EBF1D9

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