upgrading OpenOffice and Mozilla

Kent Emia kent-cdr at greendot.com.ph
Mon Jun 28 00:58:53 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 20:33, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am So, den 27.06.2004 schrieb Kent Emia um 13:12:
> > just want to know if it is safe to upgrade my current OpenOffice and
> > mozilla in fedora core2, using the installers in their webpages
> > especially if it is in .tar form ...
> > 
> > mozilla is 1.6 while 1.7 is already out
> > OO is 1.1.1 while 1.1.2 is already out 
> What do you want to gain by that? Do you face bugs which are fixed in
> the more recent versions? Or is this just stupid version "horniness"? I

version "horniness"? so i better stick to redhat 7.3 if thats what you
call "horniness" 

especially in mozilla i can't enter some sites which is sort of
protected, which InternetExplorer of windows can ... so thats my reason
why i do have to check out the latest version

and my point here, can upgrade be possible especially the newer source
if a .tar or .bz file ??

> think you can guess my answer if it is the last case.
> Alexander
Kent Emia
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