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Mon Jun 28 08:34:55 UTC 2004

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:21:53 +0100, Andy Green <fedora at> wrote:
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> On Monday 28 June 2004 07:44, Kent E. wrote:
> > hi there, i using webmail as of now becuase my box just wont boot up
> >
> > i installed firestarter and played with it for a while then i screwed
> > things up, i decided to 'flush' the firewall so that things will pass
> > thru, sad to say my pc hangs so i have to reboot it, but as it starts
> > .... it won't get it thru ... it will stuck up, up to the
> >
> > Enable swap space :
> Two thoughts... you should be able to boot off of your Fedora install disc 1
> into "linux rescue" to see what is what.  (I realize you don't have your
> discs but maybe you can get them back).  Second, many initscript bits and
> bobs are after this "Press I for interactive" thing.  If you hit the 'i' key
> at that point (I keep my finger on it for a while too) then you will get
> asked if you actually want to do each initscript action.  

i still cant get through ... im still stuck on the same problem .. 

im looking for a boot up disk .. any suggestions?

That saved my bacon
> the other day when a mount line I had stuck in /etc/rc.local was prompting
> for a password accidentally but would not accept any input (presumably
> because it did not have a proper tty).  At that point there were no terminals
> up either.  I was able to tell it to skip "local" and could complete the boot
> and fix it thanks to "interactive mode".  I can't recall where the swap init
> is but maybe this can help.
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