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Re: FC2 - X-terminal very slow.

Sorry, the subject was in Italian, I corrected it....

Jose Luis Ricardo Chavez wrote:
> GianPiero Puccioni wrote:
> > Hi ,
> >
> >   After installing FC2 on a few machines some users requested access
> >   for a sort of X-terminal emulatore that works under Windows called
> >   Xwin32. It worked quite well with the machines we had before (with
> >   RH7.3) so I granted access and it worked but, they are complaining
> >   that it is WAY slower than before. Is it something I forgot to do?
> >   I just changed kdmrc and Xacces (I use xdm). Or is it a problem
> >   with the new  Xorg instead of XFree86?
> >
> >   Thanks for any help.
> >
> > Ciao, GianPiero

> It could actually be a security issue, you need to enable access to
> the x11 port (6000:tcp) if using the firewall. Sometimes the default
> display manager does not accept connections other than from localhost.
> - Jose Luis

There is no firewall on that machine and then I suppose that this
problem would block completely Xwin32 while in fact it works, it's just
that it's very very slow. 


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