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Re: [OT] CD boot disk for BIOS updates

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 06:48, Douglas Furlong wrote:
> Good day all.
> I was hoping some one here may have had a similar problem, and found a
> way of getting around it.
> I am running a network with about 15 linux workstations, most of which
> don't have floppy drives but do have CD-ROM's. I may have to upgrade the
> BIOS that has been installed on them, and would if possible prefer to do
> this using a CD-ROM as apposed to floppy drives, due to their slow
> nature and habbit of being broken :\
> Dose any one hear know of a howto for creating a simple windows bootdisk
> on a CD-ROM, that I could then create directories with the relevant BIOS
> updates in, has any one done this before?
> Doug
> P.S. Yes I know this is not Fedora centric.




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