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Re: Installing modem on FC2

Marcelo Manzato wrote:

> Hi,
> I´m having some problems on installing an Intel 357EP
> modem driver on FC2. Actually, the driver is for FC1,
> but it´s a test edition to kernel 2.6.x as well.
> Following is the error that occurs when I try to
> compile the driver. Please, if someone has a
> suggestion, just let me know.

I tried to get the driver for the 536ep (I assume you mean 537ep?) modem to
work in FC2. I managed to compile it and insert the kernel module, but
accessing the modem caused the syetem to lock up.

Unfortunately, I don't think these drivers will yet work with a 2.6 kernel,
certainly not with the >= 2.6.5 kernel supplied with Fedora Core. I noticed
SUSE originally had drivers for their 9.1 distribution (with 2.6 kernel)
but that these have now disappeared.

See http://www.mirrors.net.ar/pub/suse/i386/update/9.1/rpm/src/

Intel are apparently working on the drivers, but I've given up and bought an
external serial modem on eBay. Now I can be sure it'll work even when we
are on a 2.8 or 3.x kernel!


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