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Re: Suexec problem.

Am Mo, den 28.06.2004 schrieb Franco um 12:55:

> I have FC2.0 installed and i have problem to execute
> cgi program when suexec is anabled.
> In the suexec.log i show this:
> [2004-06-28 11:28:50]: uid: (510/ischianet) gid: (505/505) cmd: 
> easysearch.cgi
> [2004-06-28 11:28:50]: command not in docroot 
> (/home/ischianet/cgi-bin/easysearch.cgi)
> If i disabled suexec from httpd all work fine.
> Can someone help me?

It exactly says what's wrong: "command not in docroot". For instance if
your document root is /home/ischianet/www then obviously
/home/ischianet/cgi-bin is outside. You need to correct this by either
changing the document root or moving the .cgi file. Please reread the
suexec documentation.


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