Installing fedora

Karol Pluciennik troloo at
Mon Jun 28 14:21:04 UTC 2004

Revlater wrote:
> How would I go about installing Fedora Core 2 onto an older pc that does 
> not boot from a CD?  Is there a file in the Install CD that I could 
> execute manually to start the install of it?

You can always boot installation from ISOz (on a hard drive). I do this 
on my laptop because I have no CD-ROM drive in it. What you need is 
loadlin and kernel+initrd.img from first CD of Fedora installation (I 
don't remember exactly where I found it - if you need details on that 
mail me - I'll check it). As far as I remember FC1 had this 'autoboot' 
folder on a first CD. You just enter it under DOS and type autoboot.bat 
to run installation. Then you point to a partition containing (in its 
root directory) FC ISOz and that's it.

Greetings - TroLoo

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