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Re: [Fedora] up2date

Øyvind Lode wrote:

Hi all,

I'm still a Linux Newbie...
But I have sussessfully installed and configured a Fedora Core Server
runng Web server, FTP and Samba.
I told myself that to learn Linux you have to do it the "old way" using
the command line.
I find it very exiting and I have teached myself quite a few commands so
that I can operate my server just using the command line and fiddeling
with config files :-)

But of some reason I am not figuring ot how to keep my system up2date...
Is there a HOWTO/Tutorial etc on how to configure and use the up2date
command from the command line?
Or other "updating" tools for my Fedora box?
I found something callled yum...

Please tell me how :-)

Øyvind Lode

you could try up2date update or if you want yum [and the rpm that you think needs to be updates] pretty sure thats it if not let me know

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