Mailbox vulnerable?

Hongwei Li hongwei at
Mon Jun 28 16:21:51 UTC 2004

I installed the new pine 4.60.  When I try a test account's pine, the
warning message is gone.  Thanks!

However, the system mail log (not message log) shows warning:

Jun 28 11:13:03 morpheus ipop3d[1183]: pop3 service init from
Jun 28 11:13:03 morpheus ipop3d[1183]: Mailbox vulnerable - directory
/var/spool/mail must have 1777 protection

after each pop3 user logs in (Outlook Express, etc.), but it seems no
warning message after squirrelmail user logs in.

Anything else is wrong? or should be changed. I have never touched the
pop3 service, but just set iptables and open the port for it.



> Leave the permissions as they are! Use the pine 4.60 RPM by Dag Wieers
> which is made for FC1 and FC2 and contains some patches to cover locking
> issues.
> Alexander

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