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RE: i8k utility on DELL 8600 with FC2

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 20:59, D. D. Brierton wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 03:32, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
> > Yep.. I managed to get it up and running. For Me, it's a D600, you
> > need to
> > force load it.
> > 
> > Edit the /etc/init.d/i8kbuttons startup script and put in "modprobe
> > i8k force=1"
> Thanks. Someone else also sent me similar advice, but as I haven't
> rebooted yet I haven't had a chance to test it out. However, the person
> who emailed me had also installed the i8kutils package from
> freshrpms.net whereas I haven't yet as
Well.. depends on why you want the i8k for I guess.

i8kutils are "util" for managing your audio and stuffs. (I use it mainly
for controlling volume)

If you use only the 18k.ko module, then you will get a /proc/i8k file

cat /proc/i8k
1.0 A09 CXXXXXX 38 -22 1 27660 68280 -1 2

That's what it gives you. 
CXXXX = My Dell Tag
etc..etc.. ( i think u already know that)

I use gkrellm which uses the i8k file to poll temperature and fan speed.

> $ locate i8k
> /lib/modules/2.6.6-1.435/kernel/drivers/char/i8k.ko
> /lib/modules/2.6.6-1.427/kernel/drivers/char/i8k.ko

Well depending on which kernel u're using, try

/sbin/modprobe i8k force=1

as in _right_now_ (hummed to the tune of fatboy slim's Right Here..Right
Now.. dum de dum..)

> so I'm not sure if I need the i8kutils package or whether that is now
> included with the current kernel.


> > ACME is now default in Gnome2.6 already.
> It is? I can't find it: neither of

Cause it's not called ACME per-se. It's default integrated into the
keyboard shortcuts. Look
->Preference->keyboard shortcuts

> turn anything up, and I can't find anything in the preferences menu for
> configuring the extra keys on my keyboard. (This is in FC2.) I'd like to
> know how you've managed to set acme up ...

Hee.. I just turned FC2 last thursday.
and guess what.. 

Suspend to disk WORKS! (to a fault anyway)
Seems like dri works too. :-)
No extensive testing.. but...

oh.. But dunno why, it hangs up on Mysql shutdown, once that's brought
down, it's A-OK
S3 still Sucks

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