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Re: compaq DLT tape drive

Jamie Wilch wrote:

I am trying to install an external Compaq DTL scsi tape drive. It is attached to an Adaptec 2940 scsi pci card which identifies the drive on boot up. However, once FC2 is booted, the tape drive appears not to be reconized. The hardware browser sees the scsi card, but not the tape drive.

I am running the regualr 2.6.6-1.435 kernel. Do I need to compile in a separate driver?


You shouldn't have to. Type the following command in a terminal session

cat /proc/scsi/scsi

that should echo back the devices, SCSI ids that it knows about.

If you see your DLT and have kdat installed, launch kdat, go to edit -> preferrences and specify your tape device as /dev/st0
mount your tape then try to backup. Kdat will tell you it doesn't recognize the tape and ask if you want to format it.

If you use some other backup software you'd have to perform similar setups but you should be okay if cat /proc/scsi/scsi showed your DLT.

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