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Re: X freeze with kernels 2.6.6-X (solved)

Mike Fedyk escribió:

Marco Coli wrote:

Jerry wrote:
Note the acpi=off option, essential for me, to boot with any 2.6.6-X kernel without freeze.
I'll have to try this on my home system. I doubt it is even using acpi though since it is a AMD K6 350 based system, and one particular screen saver.


I tested turning ACPI off with no difference. My box is still freezing randomly whenever I boot a 2.6.6-X kernel.
I've found strange issues with sound, apart from the freeze. That's puzzling me, as the system works perfectly in text mode, and I can't imagine how a bug in the kernel can affect so serioulsy Gnome without trashing everything else... but well, I must confess I don't know much about the kernel (or Gnome) architecture ;)

The problem seems to be exclusive to AMD, or an specific chipset (at least that seems to be a "rule" in all the reported problems so far)

There's a bug in bugzilla:
(the latest comment suggest that we are discussing diferent problems there, though)


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